The best of BMW Motorsport M3 series products:

Within this site you will find everything you need to build your BMW Motorsport M3 E30 or M3 E36 320 Superturismo from scratch.

Browsing through the categories, you will be able to select all the best and most advanced engineering products to build your rally or competition car.

Thanks to our decades of experience in the world of BMW racing cars, we have in fact selected the best products and the best possible configurations to increase the performance of BMW Motorsport.

The best performing parts for racing cars:

By visiting our shop you can, with very few clicks, view all the offers dedicated to the BMW Motorsport series, both rally and track.

You could find:

  • Engine parts: starting from the most important parts, up to the single bolts
  • Frame parts: reinforced with materials and welding techniques ideal for competitions
  • Suspensions: with all the necessary reinforcements to withstand the stresses that the car will have to sustain during the races
  • High efficiency braking systems: to improve the safety and manageability of the vehicle
  • Shock absorbers: also designed for off-road racing and to offer the best performance regardless of the road conditions
  • Clutch and gearboxes: capable of guaranteeing very low changeover times
  • Interior: made of ultra-light and resistant materials, to guarantee maximum resistance with a negligible impact on the weight of your BMW
  • Differentials: high performance to optimize the grip of the wheels and improve the performance of the car when cornering
  • Various accessories: from rims to professional clothing
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