BMW Motorsport accessories and equipment

Accessories and equipment

For a correct and more professional set-up of your racing car you need to equip your vehicle or workshop with all the necessary BMW Motorsport accessories or tools.

When going to design a racing car, even the pins used for fixing the various parts of the car should not be left to chance. It is in fact necessary, first of all to guarantee the safety of the driver, to use materials that are extremely resistant, but also light so as not to affect the performance of their M3 E30 or E36 Superturismo

The alloy wheels for the BMW M3

The BMW M3 E30 and E36 alloy wheels deserve special mention.

These, in fact, create you in metal alloy (mostly in aluminum) certainly represent a means by which to personalize the car from an aesthetic point of view, but their function is mainly to resist, through their structural strength, to stress and at very high mechanical stresses.

In order for the vehicle not to be affected by vibrations and / or oscillations that could damage the car's performance and safety, the rims must have very high quality standards