BMW Motorsport clush for m3 e30


The clutch is one of the most complex, important and delicate parts of a car and is the one that, by allowing the two crankshafts to rotate in different ways to align, allows for example to operate the car without having it shut off.

The clutch and gearbox of a BMW Motorsport racing car must be highly efficient, in order to minimize gear change times, reducing engine brake friction when shifting gears at speed and resisting crankshaft stresses

The parts that make up the clutch of a BMW race car

The clutch of a BMW M3 must be adequately reinforced and designed to guarantee the performance necessary for a competition.


In this category you will find all the essential elements for the clutch of your competition BMW, such as: hydraulic clutch bearings, roller bearings, gearbox oil change gears; and all the reinforcements necessary to withstand the race conditions, such as the highly reinforced shift cradle.