BMW M3 E30, E36 engine parts


The history of BMW Motorsport engines

The engines of BMW Motorsports are considerably more complex than those of the series and have components designed to improve mixed or off-road performance.

The engines for BMW racing cars were born for the first time in 1986, using the 2-liter Series 3 as the basis, modifying their head, distribution, adopting a new 4-valve system per cylinder and upgrading the engine to increase displacement.

From these modifications the first BMW motorsport series was born, the M3 E30. One of the biggest successes of the German company

The spare parts for racing engines that you will find in our shop

Browsing within this category of our store you will find all the parts and spare parts necessary to set up from scratch or to improve the engine of your competition car.

All the parts that make up the motors for racing cars sold by us are adequate and, in many cases, reinforced to allow for the best race performance.

In addition to all the parts that make up the engine, such as:

pistons, belts, hydraulic pumps, radiators, exhaust systems, etc .; you will find all the necessary reinforced supports to guarantee the resistance of the various components to the enormous stresses that the car will undergo during the races.