Sunspensions, shock absorbers, hub for BMW M3 E30, E36 Motorsport


The suspensions of a vehicle are composed of the set of elements necessary to connect the wheels to all the other components necessary for their operation, such as, for example: hub, brakes; but also to the chassis, to the bodywork and to all the mechanical parts connected to the functioning of the wheels.

The various elements of the suspension system serve to control the movements of the wheels, by means of the arms and to retain part of the kinetic energy coming from the roadway, by means of the shock absorbers.

Characteristics of a good racing car cushioning system

The goal of a properly functioning cushioning system is to ensure a good compromise between driver comfort and vehicle handling. For these reasons we will tend to decide for a more or less rigid suspension system.

For a good performance during competitions, in terms of performance, and please the maintenance operations of the various components of the car, the BMW M3 series E30 and E36 have been equipped with spring-loaded shock absorbers.

In this section you will find all the necessary components for the construction of BMW Motorsport suspensions and shock absorbers of all sizes and dimensions